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Taking care of non-upholstered furniture is not a major issue, and with the right skills, you can easily take care of such furniture on your own. However, when it comes to upholstered items, it is advisable to seek professional help from an experienced and well-equipped carpet cleaning company Tulsa. Our team of cleaning experts is dedicated to providing you with the best cleaning services on your fabrics, giving a fresh, crispy look. As a company, we have invested in the best cleaning techniques, equipment and chemicals so that we can provide our customers the best services.

When dealing with upholstered items, our team of experts can use one of the following four techniques to clean; foam extraction, cold water extraction, dry compound, and hot water cleaning. However, to ensure that your fabric receives quality cleaning, we opt for hot water cleaning since it yields top notch results compared to other three methods.

Hot water extraction sprays your upholstered item with steam that has chemicals and water in it, the steam then acts on any stains, kills bacteria and other allergens on the rug. The removed dirt is then vacuumed from your upholstery using a sanction pump. It is important to note that dirty upholstery items can affect the health condition of family members and pets, which makes it essential to have it cleaned thoroughly.

It is important to note that the use of steam cleaning on upholstered items is the latest cleaning technique there is currently in the market which offers the best results. However, not all fabric types can be cleaned using steam cleaning, and that is why we have to carefully examine the fabric before deciding on a cleaning method to use. Nonetheless, regardless of the method that we opt of, you can rest assured that we are going to efficiently clean any upholstery items you may want us to.

​How we clean upholstery?

As stated above, our cleaning company Tulsa mainly uses four cleaning methods. Before the cleaning process begins, our team of cleaning experts has to check on some factors. First and foremost, the first thing that is checked is the type of fabric and then other factors like age of the fabric, soiling condition of the upholstered item, and how long it has been since the item last received cleaning. Once this information has been collected, our experts will then find the best method to use and also the best process to follow.

The fabric is then hoovered with a powerful machine to remove any loose dirt on it before the actual cleaning begins.

If your upholstered item is made of linen or wool, the appropriate cleaning method to use will be cold water extraction, which makes use of chemicals that are Woolsafe-approved and water of temperatures not exceeding 30 degrees Celsius. For cotton and synthetic fabrics, our cleaning service team will use steam cleaning. Ultimately, what matters the most is the type of fabric on your upholstered item.

​What we clean

Our company has experience and is well equipped to clean any type of upholstered item made of any fabric. This includes upholstered items made of sisal, seagrass, silk, jute and many others. For the sake of clarity, we clean items such as: sofas, armchairs, tub chairs, mattresses, ottomans, dining chairs. However, it is important to point out that our company does not offer services that revolve around wooden furniture unless the wood is part of the upholstered item you want us to clean.

​Our deodorising service

Our cleaning company offers two types of deodorizing services:

  • The first deodorizing service is where we use certain chemicals in cleaning that leaves your upholstered item smelling fresh. This is done on all cleaning services that you order from us; hence, you do not have to spend a single cent more on it.
  • The second deodorizing service is centered around items that have an odd and unpleasant smell. Our company uses the best products to remove such smell from your items. Some of the characteristic smells that we deal with include marijuana smell, smoke, and other common odors that your item may have. Though not listed here, we can guarantee you that we will be able to deal with any type of smell.

Protecting your upholstery items

Maintain your items in good condition does not end with giving them a proper cleaning. You have to go an extra mile to ensure that the upholstered item is well protected from dirt and other damages. You can contact our company and order for upholstery protection services. If you order for this service, not only will we clean and deodorize the item thoroughly, but we will also go an extra mile to apply a stain protector on the fabric of your upholstered item. The stain protector acts as a protective layer on the item to prevent any tough stains from sticking on the fabric.

The stain protector has the ability to prevent all fluids from penetrating deep into the fabric of your upholstery. As a result, any stain that develops on the furniture remains on the top and can therefore be easily removed.

Maintaining the look of your furniture

Working with us will guarantee you a high return on your investment on your upholstery cleaning. We are dedicated to ensuring that we give your upholstery fabric a more extended lifespan through the best cleaning services. One thing that you should understand is that failure to regularly clean your upholstery items increases the rate at which they degrade hence the importance of maintaining your furniture through regular cleaning. Our company is ready and willing to partner with you, just contact us today.

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