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Are you in search of excellent ​rug cleaning in Tulsa? Then call us on​ (918) 268-3110 for amazing rug cleaning services. Our company uses both dry cleaning and steam washing to suit rugs made of all types of fabric, all at amazing prices. For those customers that do not prefer home cleaning, we offer to clean their rugs from our workstations. Rug cleaning Tulsa services cover the following types of rugs:

  • Acrylic rugs
  • Machine-made rugs
  • Traditional hand-knit rugs

You can trust our expertise to provide the best quality services as we have dealt with rugs originating from Eastern Europe, Persian rugs, South American rugs, Azerbaijan rugs, and Asian rugs. Having dealt with such a wide array of rug types, we believe we possess requisite experience to wash your rug.

To get more information on how to get our professional cleaning service, please read on.

​Expert ​Tulsa Rug Cleaners

You should understand that effective rug cleaning is only achievable if the rug cleaner understands what method will work best. Our team of rug cleaners will assess your rug material to determine what method to use.

We remove stains ranging from mild stains to overly active stains on your rug, giving your rug as sparkling look. Additionally, we ensure that customers receive the best services at cost-friendly prices. If a client is not satisfied by our services- which is impossible, we offer them with a re-clean of their rug until they are satisfied.

​Why choose us?

  • ​Local expert technicians
  • ​Powerful hot water extractors and vacuum cleaners
  • ​Eco-friendly detergents and stain removal solutions
  • ​7 day service in convenient for you date and time
  • ​Competitive pricing

How do we clean rugs?

Once you have ordered for our services, we send a cleaning specialist to offer our services. Our rug cleaning specialist will then:

Check your rug for stains and other dirt which may require special attention. Our specialist will also conduct a bleeding color test, and check the material for damages such as cuts. Depending on what material your rug is made of, the specialist will also carry out a fiber identification test to ascertain what techniques, temperatures, and cleaning agents are appropriate for use. Findings made by the cleaner will determine the cleaning technique to be used. We use the following techniques.

  • Foam cleaning
  • Dry cleaning
  • Coldwater extraction cleaning
  • Deep steam cleaning

Dry cleaning

It is essential to point out that almost all rugs can be cleaned with dry cleaning. However, some fabrics only get cleaned by dry cleaning technique. They include; silk variants, rugs made of, seagrass, coir, jute, and other fiber from some plants. When cleaning rugs made out of any of the materials mentioned, it is advisable not to use any cleaning compound or liquid. Any form of liquid will be absorbed by the rug, causing it to break.

Our technician will let you understand how you should care for your dry-clean-only rug so that you do not spoil it with liquids.

It is important to point out that dry cleaning cannot be used to remove stains from a fabric; it is only meant to remove dirt and other loose particles. Our cleaner will notify you of the same, and if you are okay with the method, our rug cleaning specialist will then use a cleaning powder which gets into the rug fibers and absorbs dirt, bacteria and other allergens that may be found on the fiber.

Careful hoovering of the rug is then carried out to remove the powder and other dirt residues from the rug. 

————— Specialist foam cleaning —————

It is important to note that some rug fabrics are quite delicate and require some special attention when cleaning. These are rugs made out of the following fabrics; velvet, viscose, cloth, and silk. Any usage of liquids will damage these fabrics, and that’s why we use foam cleaning on them.

Foam cleaning involves the use of special chemicals that turn into foam when applied to fabrics. The formed foam then sucks out the dirt and other substances like bacteria from the rug. However, it is important to understand that Foam cleaning is relatively new in the rug cleaning industry and consumes a lot more time to achieve desired results. Careful assessment of the fabric is also essential before the foam is used and that’s why we always ask for pictures of your rug so that our team can assess if it is feasible to clean the rug using foam cleaning before you order for the service.

Woolsafe-approved / cold water extraction cleaning

Certain rug types can be cleaned by either using dry cleaning or cold-water extraction. They include those made out of wool, linen, or a blend of the two. Cold-water cleaning is preferred because it offers stain removal, unlike dry cleaning.

The water used in this type of cleaning should be at 30 degrees Celsius, and we also make sure that we Woolsafe-approved rug cleaning chemicals. The chemical is then mixed with the water in a sanction pump which then sprays the mixture into the fibers of your rug. The machine’s vacuum then pulls out the liquid from the rug along with the removed dirt, stains, and bacteria.

It is important to point out that not all bacteria and allergens can be cleaned with water at 30 degrees Celsius. However, a higher temperature cannot be used because it will destroy the quality of the fabric. This therefore makes this cleaning method only suitable for killing some bacteria but not all.

Other important factors to consider when cleaning woolen rugs is that wool attracts moths which cause physical damage to the rug which needs repair.  You should make our specialist aware of such spots on the rug if any.​

Hot water / deep steam cleaning

Hot water cleaning is the most effective rug cleaning method there is currently. Hot boiling water is mixed with cleaning chemicals to remove dirt, stains, bacteria, and allergens from your rug. The steam emitted by the cleaning machine improves the efficiency of this cleaning method. Hot water cleaning is suitable for rugs made out of cotton and synthetic fiber.

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